This is to fix the Welltrax button in Geotab that will not open Welltrax and import driver information.

In Geotab, on the left go to System > System Setting and click on the Add-ins tab at the top. Click on the WelltraxTMS - unsigned add-in and remove it

After it is removed you will want to click the add new button and paste the text below into the Configuration tab.
  1. {

          "name": "WellTraxTMS",

          "items": [


                      "icon": ",

                      "path": "DriveAppLink/",

                      "menuName": {

                            "en": "Welltrax TMS"


                      "url": "welltraxtms2.html"



          "supportEmail": "",

          "signature": "12345-MYSIGNATURE",

          "version": "1.0",

          "key": "12345-MYAPIKEY",

          "isSigned": false


After that is complete you will need to add the attached html file to the tab that says files.