Trailer Update

  • When drivers are changing trailers mid day they are NOT clicking the “Check for Update” button within welltrax
  • Here are the steps a driver should take to update their trailer
    1. Logout of Welltrax(home screen > log out button)
    2. Go to Geotab driver and from dashboard click on truck/trailer

    1. Click on minus button then attach new trailer
    2. Once new trailer is assigned/attached, driver needs to click top left three horizontal bar menu.  Driver clicks Settings
    3. Driver then clicks Check For Updates.  Once spinning blue circle stops spinning then update is complete(this is what sends the new trailer back to geotab).  unfortunately when a driver changes trailers in geotab, geotabs cloud is not updated.  We have asked for this enhancement and its on their list.  If a driver updates a truck in geotab it immediately updates truck in geotab cloud(just trailer doesn’t do this)
    4. Driver then presses 3 horizontal bars in top left corner and clicks welltrax.  This will then log driver back into welltrax with new trucks/trailer.