Installation of Geotab allows for drivers to share more precise information with their dispatchers, streamlining the shipping process.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Locate the vehicle’s Engine Diagnostic Port, typically found in the driver’s area at or below knee level.
  2. Align the receiver end of the GeoTab with the Engine Diagnostic Port and simply push in place.

  3. You will hear 6 quick beeps and all three lights on the device will flash briefly.
  4. Secure the device in place with zip tie.

  5. Turn on the ignition.
  6. The device will beep as each of the LED lights lights up. Green = cell connection ; Red = ignition detection ; Blue = GPS latch 
  7. Wait for all three LED lights to come on, and then the installation is complete.
  8. To ensure the device is communicating, go to
  9. Enter the device serial number.