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Initiate Setup: Received Invitation
Setup: Company or Individual 
Setup: Administrative User

First Login: Administrative User
Connect to Party


In this article, we will discuss administrative user steps to complete after receiving the "Connect on Exchange" invitation e-mail. 


These steps include how to setup an owner or company and administrative user in the Exchange network, what the system will look like upon initial login as well as how to ensure a successful connection with the inviting party.

Failure to use the Get Started link included in the invitation e-mail

to complete connection will result in failed connections between the parties.

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Initiate Setup: Received Invitation

The most common way to initiate setup is for the owner or company to be invited by the other party (generally an Operator or Purchaser). An invitation is sent via e-mail to the chosen administrative user containing a Get Started link. Additional administrative users can be added at another time. 

  1. Click on the LINK in the "Connect" invitation e-mail or copy and paste the URL into an internet browser. Chrome is the suggested browser for DocVue Exchange.  

Setup: Company or Individual

  1. The Sign Up information box will appear. Enter party details (company or individual) and administrative user information as shown below.

  2. If all required information is filled in, the Submit button will turn from gray to blue. Click Submit to create the company and administrative user.

Setup: Administrative User 

  1. Open the “Reset your password” e-mail then click CONFIRM or the URL LINK to set the administrator password. The system will navigate the user to the ‘Change Your Password’ screen.

  2. The administrative user will create a password by entering their desired password in the ‘New password’ then re-entering the same new password in the field below.

  3. When both new passwords match and the stated requirements are met, click the Reset password button to complete administrative user Sign Up. 

First Login: Administrative User

  1. Click the link here -> or copy then paste the URL into an internet browser. Chrome is the suggested browser for DocVue Exchange.

  2. Click Login.
  3. Enter the e-mail address used, and password created when registering the administrative user then click Continue.

  4. Read and click Accept on the End User License Agreement (EULA).

The system may navigate back to the login prompt after accepting the EULA.

Should this happen, re-enter the administrative user’s e-mail address and password, 
then click Continue.

Connect to Party

  1. Navigate to the Invitations menu on the left-hand panel. 

  2. Find the invitation you wish to accept.

    3. Make selections in the following fields by clicking on the downward pointing arrow to review available options.

  • Type: Select appropriate designation for the party by clicking the downward pointing arrow.

    • Remember "Type" designation is for the party you are connecting with. Typically Purchasers connect with vendors and Operators connect with owners.
  • Party Number: Enter characters to represent the inviting party to your organization.

  • Org Units: Select Org Unit, if applicable.
    • Used to accommodate for divisions by satellite offices or branches
    • Set up under the Org Unit menu on the left-hand panel.

    4. Click ACCEPT to continue.

    5. The Accept Confirmation prompt will pop up. Click CONTINUE to Accept.

    6. Once successfully connected, the message below will appear as confirmation and the invitation will no longer appear in the Invitations menu.

    7. To ensure you have successfully connected to the Invitation Sender, click on the Parties menu on the left-hand panel. If the icon ‘Connected’ appears next to the Party, you have successfully connected.


  1. Located at the upper right-hand corner of the screen, click on the circle with initials displayed. 

  2. Click Logout to exit Exchange.