1. Go to https://myadmin.geotab.com/v1 and log in using admin credentials provided in KB article: https://wolfepak.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/71000002966?portalId=422

2. Go to Store

3. Search for desired products by first entering Account number (VERT01)and product details

4. Find desired product in list and add or subtract quantity, then press the cart button to proceed

5. Once all items are added to the cart, proceed to the Cart and double check all items and quantities. Then press Proceed to Checkout. ***IF ORDERING A GO9 DEVICE, YOU MUST ALSO ORDER ACCOMPANYING SPR-INSTALLBAGs***

6. At Checkout, make sure Purchase Order is in "Company/MM/DD/YY" notation. Make sure device is set to Pro Mode. And Be sure to add support email to CC. Then press NEXT

7. On Shipping Information page, make sure to select the correct contact and address. Verify with recipient beforehand. Then press NEXT.

8. On Product Information page, re-confirm all the items ordered. Then press NEXT.

9. On the Complete Order Page, press PLACE ORDER. An order number will be provided and Geotab will provide a date for shipping to customer.