In this article, we will discuss how to view and sign Division Orders as a user in the PakEnergy Exchange portal.  

Video coming soon! 


  1. Login to PakEnergy Exchange.

  2. Unsigned Division Orders are shown on the right-hand side of the Home Screen, under the Unsigned Division Orders section. Click any Division Order to view and return.

    3. To enter sending party details, click in the Address fields and click to highlight the information on the Division Order.

    4. Review the Division Order and when you are ready, click RETURN.

    5. Click and drag on the document to select the location of your signature.
    6. Signature box will pop up. Sign using your mouse and click RETURN.

    7. “Document Sent” message will appear at the top of the screen and Division Order will show as New in the Status column.

    8. To view a Division Order after it is signed, click on the Division Orders menu on the left-hand side of the screen then click any to view.

    9. Once the receiving party has received and approved the Division Order, the Status will show Approved.

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