What is Exchange?
Exchange is a cloud-based portal that supports the sending and receiving of electronic documents. In the past, these documents would be sent via snail mail or various other antiquated methods. Documents available to owners include Owner Statements as well as other important documents such as Division Orders, Run Statements and 1099’s.

How do Operators/Purchasers use Exchange?
The operator or purchaser can send documents instantly for the owner to be able to view using their Exchange portal. Not only can owners view documents, but Exchange has the capability to allow owners to sign and return requested Division Orders through the portal. Owners can return their signed Division Orders in seconds rather than days or even weeks through the mail. In most cases, using Exchange to sign and return Division Orders will shorten the amount of time spent waiting for payment!

Benefits to Owners

Exchange allows owners to easily pull up historical information – in a flash! No more searching for those Owner Statements in piles of paper. Providing Owner Statements through a cloud-based portal provides instant access to the documents as well as the ability to retrieve historical Owner Statements that have been sent to Exchange.* No filing or keeping paper copies of Owner Statements necessary! Being able to return a signed Division Order electronically in seconds sure beats a stamp and waiting to see if the recipient receives the signed document. With Exchange you can see when the returned Division Order is received by the other sending party.

What to Expect Next
To begin the connection process, the operator or purchaser must send an invitation via
e-mail address to the person who will be the main administrative user on the Exchange account. If this information is not already provided to the operator or purchaser, they may ask prior to set up.

After setup, please log in and take a look around the portal. Please refer to FreshDesk Solutions for more information.

At this time, only Owner Statements that are created after the Owner is connected on Exchange will be available for viewing.

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