On the widget, right click on a data point to select the criteria. This will update all the widgets on the dashboard to analyze the segment of data.




Use your mouse to drag over several data points to select them for filters or use the CTRL button to select multiple points on the chart (then right click and choose select).


Filters can be toggled on or off by sliding the bar.

Filters can be edited by clicking the pencil that appears when you hover over the specific filter.


Manually adjust filters by hovering over the filter name and clicking the pencil. Choose what to include or what not to include in the definition window.



Restore default filters by clicking the button at the top of the filters pane.

  • Set your own default filters or restore to the report’s default filters.
  • As a viewer, filters applied will only affect your local copy. You can revert back to the initial dashboard.
  • If the owner republishes the dashboard, your filters will be overridden.