I'm creating reports, but I don't see all of my PakAccounting companies listed.

If you are creating reports or filtering your current reports based on companies codes (clients) and you don't see all of the companies listed, follow these steps.

1. In Pak Accounting, go to the Utilities module. 

2. Expand the Miscellaneous menu options.

3. Choose the Open Access menu. 

4. Make sure the option for Standard User is selected.

5. From the Configure Open Access for box, choose All WP Companies (if you are just missing one company, you can log into that company and choose 'Current WP Company').

6. Click the button labeled "Enable WolfePak Open Access". This button will initiate the process of adding the companies to Intelligence. There will be a pop up box show the total number of files generated.

Once this has been completed, contact the Support team and give them your PakAccounting license code (6 character code found in Help - About) and the company or companies that you have enabled. They will submit information to our Intelligence team.  Please give 24 hours for the companies to be accessible through Intelligence.