To add notifications to all drivers at once, follow these steps (this only works if all drivers you want notifications sent to have their email accounts and phone numbers already setup in the dispatcher portal):

  1. Log into the dispatcher portal and access the Company Tab under Setup -> Administration -> Company

  2. Select Edit at the top right hand side

  3. Select EMAIL NOTIFICATION or SMS NOTIFICATION button at top right hand side.

  4. Toggle the notification option right to turn the feature on and left to turn the feature off. Then press Save.

  5. Press Save again at the top right side

To customize notifications based on specific drivers, follow these steps:

  1.   Go to Setup -> Driver/Contractor -> Driver

  2. Search for the driver you want to setup the custom notification for and select the driver in the Driver List window

  3. Select Edit at the top right

  4. Select the Expand Window icon at the very top right side next to Edit

  5. Scroll all the way down until you see Phonebook section and select New (if a phone number is already there, then just select Edit)

  6. Enter in Contact Name of Driver, their phone number information, their email address, and then choose either EMAIL or SMS NOTIFICATION button

  7. Toggle on/off the notifications you want customized for the driver, then press Save

  8. Press Save again

  9. Then press Save one more time at the top right of the driver profile