Transportation Portal and search for the driver under Setup > Driver/Contractor.

  1. In the portal, to go Setup>Driver and locate the affected driver.
  2. Search for and/or select the appropriate Driver. Click Edit, then scroll down until you see the Trucks Assigned and Trailers Assigned.
  3. If the Truck and/or Trailer is not currently on this list, click the Plus/Minus. If the Truck/Trailer IS on this list, go to Step 8.
  4. Search for the correct Truck or Trailer, then use the Right Arrow to move it to the Selected list. Click Done. If you do not see the Truck/Trailer within this list, go to Step 7.
  1. Click Save at the top.
  2. On the tablet, Ask the driver to select the option "Refresh Truck/Trailer List" from the list of available Trucks/Trailers. The Truck/Trailer will populate and allow them to select it.
  3. If the Truck/Trailer was not on this list, go to Setup > Truck/Trailer and search for the Truck/Trailer #. Ensure that Truck/Trailer isn't Inactive. If it is not listed, dispatch will need to build it for the driver.
  4. If the Truck/Trailer IS on this list, the driver just didn't see it on
    the drop down menu. Ask them to look again on the tablet.