1. Go to Dispatch > Tracking

2. Make sure your filters are correct (correct terminal is selected)

3. On the Pick Up tab, select your pick up site

4. On the Drop Off tab, select your drop off site

5. Zoom in on the pick up site, right click on it, and select "Directions From Here"

6. Zoom in on the drop off site, right click on it, and select "Directions to Here"

7. It will now display a Total Distance. This should be used for your loaded miles for the scenario.

Update Loaded Miles For Scenarios

1. Go to Load > Manage Scenarios > Primary Scenarios

2. Select the scenario you need to update and hit Edit

3. Type the correct loaded miles in the Loaded Miles field and hit Save

4. Any loads created after this change will use the new loaded miles

5. To update old loads with the new loaded miles, use the Update All Loads after This Date option