Loaded miles can be figured out by going to the dispatch > tracking tab, select the lease site(if it has lat/long), select the oil depot(if it has lat/long) and then right click on lease site and select “DIRECTIONS FROM HERE” and then right click on oil depot and select “DIRECTIONS TO HERE”.  The route will show up and the distance between locations will be visible.  This distance should be used as the loaded miles.

 Load > Mange Loads                                                                 Dispatch > Tracking

If a dispatcher does put 1, within 2 business day, I would recommend a process that some reviews all of the scenarios with a loaded mile of 1.  All of these scenarios can be exported out of the system by going to load > manage scenarios and clicking excel export button.   Ive attached this file to this email.



 A dispatcher can obtain loaded miles from Load Detail Advanced Report


 Within this report you can see the odometer at lease site and odometer at oil depot.  If you do a variance of these two you will know loaded miles.  Attached is a file of all scenarios with 1 and what the odometer variance was between these.   Another option instead of doing this would be going to tracking tab and following instructions outlined above(directions from here and directions to here.


 To update a scenario/loaded miles, please go to load > manage scenarios, search for the scenario, click on it and click edit and update loaded miles.  For all loads build after this moment in time it will then have the correct loaded miles.