For now this is only for Transportation crude to Geotab commmunication. please do not reference this if it is Transportation TMS. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Driver forgets to logout of Transportation crude. Example  on 3/13 (Previous day)  Today is 3/14(Next day). 

    When a driver logs into geotab and then presses Transportation button on 3/14, 

    the user will be prompted that there is a Shift Date Mismatch.  The user will have the ability to remain logged into the 3/13 shift or logout of 3/13 shift and login to 3/14 shift.

    If user presses “Remain Logged into 3/13 Shift” they will returned to the screen they left off on.  The reason why we are providing this option is for night drivers.

    If user presses “Logout of 3/13 shift and Login to 3/14 Shift” then they will fill out a post trip inspection if this feature is enabled, submit their shift for 3/13 and then Transportation will automatically log the user in for 3/14 shift and populate their truck, odometer and trailer information from geotab