There could be several reasons why your customer could reject one of your invoices. While Pak Exchange doesn’t know all the reasons, we can walk you through how to handle rejected invoices. There are three different ways to see if an invoice has been rejected. The first two are found on the Home page of Pak Exchange. The third is under the Invoices tab on the Home screen.

Home Screen

  1. “Payment Status” – all graphs on the Home screen, including the Payment Status graph, are clickable. By clicking on the red bar in the graph, Pak Exchange will automatically take you to the invoice in question.
  2. “Rejected Invoices” - the Rejected Invoices graph shows the rejected invoice number and who the invoice belongs to. Clicking on the invoice in question will also automatically take you to the invoice in question.

Invoice Tab

  1. This option opens another screen where you can find all the invoices you have submitted through the Pak Exchange Network. The options at the top of the screen are All, Sent, Received, Approved, Paid, Rejected, and Resubmitted

Fixing a Rejected Invoice

All the above options can take you where you need to go to fix an invoice that has been rejected. This training will use the “Rejected Invoices” graph on the Home screen. 

1. Click on the invoice you want to correct in the “Rejected Invoices” graph. 

2. This will bring up the same screen that was used to send the invoice to our customer. A pop-up box at the top of the screen will display why your customer rejected the invoice. Your customer can reject your invoice for any reason they want. 

3. In the above example, our customer rejected our invoice because of the shipping and handling charges on the invoice. We can correct this invoice and return it to our customer if these charges were added in error. However, the invoice can be resubmitted to the customer if the charges are correct. 

**NOTE** Any disputes regarding price, shipping, handling, tax, payment terms, or line items must be discussed with your customer directly.

4. Any changes can be made to the invoice by clicking on the boxes on the left-hand side of the screen. There is also an option to replace your invoice if changes were made regarding price, shipping, handling tax, etc.

5. Once all changes have been made, clicking the “Resubmit” button in the top right-hand corner will return your invoice to your customer. After the invoice has been successfully sent, the status on the next screen will change from “Rejected” to “Resubmitted.” The graphs on the home screen will also show that the invoice was resubmitted.