Once a ticket has been rated, users have the ability to override the invoice or payroll values.  To accomplish this please follow the guide below.

  1. Go to Finance tab > Invoice    or    Finance tab > Payroll
  2. On left hand side, enter filter/search criteria for the tickets you would like to override the invoice and/or payroll ticket values.  Click Search
  3. Select the ticket that you would like edit in the bottom right Ticket Detail Grid.
  4. Either double click on the row or click "Edit Ticket" button on bottom
  5. Once Load/Ticket detail screen launches, click on either invoice or payroll tab and click edit
  6. In Edit mode, you have the ability to check the override button and modify the ticket rate values.  In the example the user is overriding the total fee they will charge for this ticket to be a flat 150.  Click Save once all changes are made.      
  7. To review any changes made to a ticket, invoice or payroll value, please click the Audit Trail button at top of the load/ticket detail screen.