Users may need to recalculate invoice and payroll ticket values after a ticket has been completed on the tablet.  The two main reasons for this are either tickets were completed on tablet and sent back to portal prior to a rates sheet being applied to the scenario, pickup or drop off or the rate sheet ticket values that were applied to a ticket were incorrect.  To refresh a tickets invoice and payroll ratings a user will use the Recalculate ticket features. 
  •       Remember:  Once a rate sheet is applied to a scenario, pickup and/or drop off, the system will AUTO rate the tickets once the data is received back from the tablet.

  1. Go to Finance > Invoice tab    or    Finance > Payroll Tab

  2. On left hand side, enter filter/search criteria for the tickets you would like to recalculate. Click Search.

  3. The tickets that match your filter/search criteria will be displayed in the bottom right Ticket Detail Grid.

  4. To recalculate tickets, first select the tickets you would like recalculate by following either of these steps:
    1. Users can click first ticket/row, scroll to bottom, click shift + hold, and then click last ticket row.  This will select all tickets.
    2. User can select a ticket/row, click CTRL + hold and select all other tickets.

  5. Once tickets are selected, click Recalc Tickets With Rate Sheet button.

  6. Once tickets have recalculated the new invoice and payroll values associated to these tickets will be displayed.