Brother RJ 4030Ai General Description/Information.

  1. AC/DC connector 
  2. Serial port 
  3. USB port 
  4. Cover open lever 
  5. RD Roll compartment cover
  6. Paper outlet
  7. Power button 
  8. Feed button 
  9. POWER indicator 
  10. STATUS indicator 
  11. BATT (Battery) indicator 
  12. Bluetooth indicator 
  13. Bluetooth button
  14. Belt hook 
  15. Battery cover 
  16. Battery cover latch 
  17. Battery compartment 

What do the indicator lights mean?

The indicators light and flash to indicate the printer's status. The following symbols are used in this FAQ to explain the meaning of the different indicator colors and patterns.

 or    or   or  

Indicator is lit in the color shown

  or    or   or   

Indicator is blinking in the color shown

 or   or   

Indicator blinks 1 or 2 times in each color, then turns off

Indicator is lit or blinking in any color or pattern

Indicator is off






Power on

Roll cover open

Receiving data
Transferring data

Print error
Feed error
Cover open error
Communication error
Image processing error
Database search error
No template error
Access point search error
Access point connection error
Security error

>> See below for more information

Battery error
Mass storage error

System error

(Once every 
3 seconds) 

Wireless on, not connected*

Wireless or Bluetooth on, connected

(Once every 

Now setting WPS*

Now resetting

Formatting complete (When [Print Data
after being Printed] is set to [Erase])

MCR read mode

MCR read success

MCR read error

(Once every 
4 seconds) 

Rechargeable battery power: half

(Twice every 
4 seconds) 

Rechargeable battery power: low

(Once every 

Battery must be charged


Rechargeable battery power: full
Charging complete

In mass storage mode

Processing file in mass storage mode


*RJ-4040 only

Indicator Warnings

The POWER indicator does not light

The printer is receiving no power.

If you are using AC or DC power, make sure that the AC adapter or Car adapter is properly connected and make sure that the AC or DC power outlet is turned on.

If you are using DC power, check the fuse.

Head or motor is cooling down

The thermal head or motor is too hot.

If the thermal head becomes even hotter, the thermal head may produce imaging on the paper in areas not intended to be printed. This condition is normal when printing documents with a great deal of “black” content.

The printer will stop and resume printing after the print head has cooled down.

To avoid or delay the onset of this condition, print using a lighter density setting, reduce the amount of black space being printed
(for example, remove background shading and colors in graphs and presentation documents), and make sure that the printer has adequate ventilation and is not located in an enclosed space.

Do not use the printer continuously. If the printer is used continuously, the motor will become too hot. In this case, the printer will stop and resume printing after the motor has cooled down.

This condition may occur more often when the printer is used at high altitude (more than 10,000 feet) due to a lower air density available to cool the printer.

Data reception error

Data may not be received correctly when communications are unstable.Try connecting again when communication conditions have improved.


Printer is in boot mode

The AC adapter was unplugged while the firmware was being updated, and the printer started up in boot mode the next time it was started.
Contact your reseller or Brother Customer Service for assistance.