Setting the Printer to Classic and Turn Bluetooth On 


Start by getting the printer that will be paired to the tablet.  


  • Label the printer to match the tablet label. This will ensure tablets stay with the same printer.  


  • The Printer comes with Bluetooth turned off and the Printer not set to Classic settings.  You will need to turn both on.  


Bluetooth is set as “OFF” by default. To turn it on:  

     Press the middle Menu button 

       Select “Bluetooth” by pressing the rightmost OK button . 


  •   Use the middle Menu button to select the choice “ON/OFF” by pressing the rightmost OK 

  • button.


  •   Choose “ON” with the rightmost OK button again.  


  •   Press the leftmost U-turn button to get out of the menu options.  



When Bluetooth is turned on, you will see the Bluetooth symbol appear on the top right of the screen of the printer.  






  Mode needs to be set to CLASSIC.  


  •   Press the Middle Menu Button  


  •   Select “Bluetooth” by pressing the rightmost OK button.  


  •   Select “Mode” by pressing the Menu button to go down one option. Press the OK button.  


  •   Select “Classic” by pressing the Menu button to go down one option. Press the OK button.  


  •   Press the leftmost U-turn button to get out of the menu options.  







Printers come with a battery slip that blocks the battery from registering with the printer so they can ship it installed. Take the battery out of the bottom of the printer and remove this slip of paper before installing. 



Turn over the printer and find the Serial Number. Remember the last four digits of the serial# as shown below. You will use this number to help you identify the printer your tablet is pairing to. 





Take the tablet you will pair to the printer and follow the steps below:  


  1. Select the Transportation Icon and open.  


  1. Bypass the Driver Login and Select the Superman Icon in the upper right-hand corner. 





  1. This will open the Support Settings screen. 




  1. Select Bluetooth Settings. 

  1. Select “Scan” to find the printer.  




  1. Remember the last four digits of the serial # from the back of the printer.  


  1. Under “Available Devices”, Select the correct printer from the serial # and the model number.  


  1. The box will open to ensure you are pairing to the correct printer.  

The arrow drop-down allows you to select the correct Brand and Model 





  1. Select “Confirm”. 


  1. The Pairing Box will open. Click “Ok”. 






  1. Paired printer will show up in box under “Paired Devices”.  





  1. Select “Feed Paper” to confirm communication between tablet and printer. 3” to 4” of paper will feed from the printer.