• Users can now determine if they want a field to be read only on the TABLET, LOAD CREATION, TICKET DETAILS screen, or any combination of the 3


  • Added Audit Log to scenario screen


  • Added a new feature to validate pickup locations on ticket import by either Pickup Name or Pickup Number


  • Added an additional filter to the top of rate sheets for OPERATOR


  • Driver Number on the bottom of printed run tickets now shows the custom driver number field rather than the system generated internal driver ID
  • New rate sheet components for Split Tank Same Location and Split Tank Different Location



  • Load creation time now reflects the correct time based on time zone under company settings
  • Using the same field on pickup and dropoff layouts now show correct/unique data on all grids system-wide
  • Now record LAST MODIFIED DATE for tanks for companies with API configurations
  • PDF run tickets are now included on email notifications
  • Users that do not have DRIVER EDIT permissions can no longer edit drivers from Driver Schedules screen
  • Portal users can now add a pickup location until a driver has arrived at dropoff
  • Rate sheet table values now accept 4 digits and 2 decimals (XXXX.xx)
  • Fixed a bug where drivers get “Loads Have Changed” message after a mass load update and also caused drop off name to be blank