1. Account (PICKUP)
  2. Contractor (associate which driver is doing it and are they associated to the contractor)
  3. Terminal
  4. Commodity
  5. Company
  • account

  • if no account then contractor  

  • if no contractor then terminal

  • if no terminal then commodity

  • if no commodity then company level

  1. Should the Run Ticket Logo appear on both Printed and RUN ticket on portal? YES.
  2. If a load is associated to PU Account 1 but DO Account 2, which Logo does it display? It will ALWAYS display PU Account logo on tablet and portal. There is discussion about eventually making this also at DO level, but TBD.
  3. What are the recommended dimensions for a Logo? Run header on portal is adjusted to 130 x 100px. On tablet its adjusted to 200 x 100px. If a logo is uploaded and it is larger, we will autosize it to these dimensions.
  4. Are there any companies with custom logic? Currently, Guardian is using logic where if company name = Guardian and they are using 3" Citizen printers, the Emergency contact # will be larger font and bolded (5.13.20)

Technical Details about logic:
  1. Add a new section labelled Run Ticket Header on the following screens as it is already in Account form (See first image on documents):

    1. Setup > Locations > Terminal

    2. Setup > Definitions > Commodity

    3. Setup > Driver/Contractors > Contractors

  2. When adding a header, the max number of lines allowed is 5.

    1. First line refers to the company name.

    2. Second line refers to the Address.

    3. Third line refers to the City state zip.

    4. Fourth line refers to Emergency phone number

    5. Fifth line refers to any other information.

    6. However, the user can write anything he wants within the lines. But each line must be displayed in only one line in the run ticket.

    7. Do not allow the user to add another line.

  3. Adjust the Logo and Header labels according the entity, for example, on terminal level use:

    1. Logo label "Terminal Logo Image:"

    2. Header label "Terminal Name, Address and Emergency Contact #:"

  4. Make the Header required if the user uploads a logo, but allow the user to enter a header with no logo information.

  5. Run ticket generated must display Logo and Header of Pickup account if configured, elsewhere, it might search (on the following entities, taking these priority order):

    1. on the contractor to which the driver assigned to the load is associated

    2. on the terminal on which the load was assigned,

    3. on the load´s commodity

    4. on company level

  6. Display header  of the highest priority on Run Ticket even when the logo is not configured.

  7. Do not display on Run Ticket a logo if no header is set, in those cases, go to the next priority level. 

  8. This must work this way on run tickets generated on portal and on tablet.