Release Notes


  • TANKS | Tank capacity restriction is enhanced to accept 4 digit tank capacities rather than just 3 previously
  • TANKS | Added audit trail for the TANKS section for Pickup and Dropoff locations
  • TRUCKS/TRAILER | Added a new field called TRUCK GROUP that can be used just like driver groups to filter trucks and trailers on searches and rate sheet filters
  • RUN TICKETS | Users can now configure specific fields to not print on run tickets if preferred
  • RUN TICKETS | 3rd Party Ticket Number now shows up on printed run tickets after being manually entered or imported
  • REVIEW | Users can now mass drop and cancel assigned and ongoing loads from the review screen as long as a ticket has not been created yet (driver has already departed Pickup)
  • REVIEW | Users how have the ability to choose to export each BOL as an individual file from the review screen
  • TICKET IMPORT | Added new ticket import validations for locked Pickup fields (Gauge Type, Correction Factor)
  • RATE SHEET | We have now added an audit trail to the rate sheet tab for users to track changes made to Rate Sheets
  • RATE SHEETS | Rough Road Miles is now a functional component that can be used for rate sheet calculations



  • DRIVER ADDED TANKS | Drivers now have the ability to add tanks with a 4 digit capacity from the tablet
  • INFORMATION | Added a new MORE INFO button to the Loads screen on the tablet for drivers to see more info, such as, Operator or Pickup #
  • REROUTE DROP OFF | Added a new feature to allow users to restrict drivers options for drop off reroutes on the tablet to only allow default drop offs for the given Pickup to be selected
  • RUN TICKETS | The company address is now in bold and ENLARGED at the top of printed run tickets



  • DISPATCH BOARD | Fixed an issue where some users experienced drivers not showing up on the dispatch board when changing the terminal
  • TICKET/DETAILS | Resolved an issue where some users experienced the inability to edit current tanks from the ticket/details screen
  • TICKET/DETAILS | Fixed a bug where the driver arrival time wouldn’t show on the portal until the driver departed a location.  Now it  displays in the portal upon driver clicking ARRIVE
  • REVIEW | Operator filter now searches Dropoff Operators as well as Pickup Operators
  • TABLET | Fixed a bug where some trucks/trailers were still accessible on tablet after being marked as on HOLD

TABLET | Resolved a bug where drivers changing the Dropoff to a site with a new account created a null value in the DROPOFF ACCOUNT field on the portal ticket