When Geotab is installed, dispatchers can view the current status of drivers within Transportation from the dispatch board.

The abbreviations (RI, DrL, DuL, CyL, Shft, and Rem) are fed from Geotab into Transportation every few minutes.

RI: Rest In Time, this refers to the time a driver has left to take a break.

DrL: Driving Left Time, or how much drive time a driver has left for the day.

DuL: On Duty Left Time, which refers to how much time a driver has left on duty for today. 

CyL: Cycle left time, the amount of time a driver has left on duty for this cycle.

Shift: how much time it will take for driver to complete his/her assigned loads list (this value is the entire shift list, including assigned, ongoing, and completed loads).

Remaining: how much time it will take to finish the rest of his/her shift, the loads that are ongoing and still assigned.


The Color on the driver’s name (in the above picture, gray) is assigned via Setup>Driver and can be changed under “Driver Color Code”.

An “!” mark means that the load is marked Urgent.

A Black Circle with an “H” meaning “Hours of Service” mark means that it this load will put a driver very close to this driver’s HOS.

A “L” meaning “Late” may show on the Driver’s section if that driver logs in late on his shift. This can be adjusted under Setup>Admininstration>Company, “Late Shift Start Alert”.

A “DC” meaning “Driver Change” will show on the load if a driver has made a change on that load, such as altering the Oil Depot.

The colors around the loads show in Green, Yellow, and Red. This shows the aging of the load, so Green is on time (or assigned to be completed today), Yellow is 1 day old, and Red is 2 or more days old. This can be adjusted under Setup>Administration>Company.