This is something that isn't always straightforward, but the general purpose of why a customer wants a load cancelled/omitted/deleted is so that the data is not recorded in a report, and they do not invoice/payroll that load.

OMIT: this will remove the load from reports unless SPECIFICALLY requested that they are included. this is your general go-to and is something we continually educate dispatch about. This serves their purpose, because it will prevent load data from being shared with customers or internal reports.
--If the load is ONGOING/has ticket data: you will need to COMPLETE the load by entering fake information, enter in the dispatch comments who requested this and why, and then omit the load as normal. make notes in your zoho ticket accordingly.

CANCEL: you can cancel a load for a variety of reasons (duplicate, account did not want this hauled/etc) as long as their isn't ticket data. if there is ticket data, complete and OMIT!

DELETE: There are very few cases that this is valid. We strive to have our customer's data be pristine and accurate. If there was a driver error, there should be a record of that in case a customer comes back and wants to know why a paper ticket doesn't have a digital copy, for example.
The ONLY case a load should be deleted is if:  1. there is a bug in integration with zoho analytics/transportation 2. Engineering specifically recommends it or deems it necessary. Avi approves this before any changes are made with L3.