"Error Resolving Destination" or Black Screen On Google Maps
  1. In Welltrax, go to Load screen and hit Refresh, then try to navigate.
  2. This results from Welltrax pulling a null value as the destination coordinates. Welltrax will continue to try and pull this information from the portal, and it should resolve itself. Contact Tyler if issues.

In Google Maps, "Check later for local information. Maps cannot load right now"

  1. Ensure that Mobile Data is enabled
  2. Check that Location services is on and on High Accuracy.
  3. Have the driver relocate to a place with better signal
In Google Maps, "Driver Sees Black Screen"
  1. Go to Google Play Store
  2. Search for Google Maps
  3. If Update Is Available, Install Update.
  4. Return to Welltrax and Try to Navigate Again