1. Display Issues: If your mouse isn't working properly or if you are seeing black boxes around the log in screen or if any part of the WolfePak application is missing, it is more than likely a display setting.

Change Display settings to 100% recommended (right click desktop background, select Display Settings).


 When you log into WPA, if you see black boxes around the log in prompt, change the display resolution to 1920 X 1080.


If the previous settings do not work, or if you have a 4K monitor, you can right click on the Citrix Workspace icon in the bottom right corner (in the system tray) and change the High DPI settings to ‘Yes’. 

2. When you launch WPA, the system downloads an .ica file type and won't open.


Double check and make sure that Windows is using the correct application when opening the file (tell it to use Citrix Workspace to open .ica type files). Otherwise, uninstall and reinstall the Citrix Workspace application and run it as administrator.

3. If WolfePak freezes up and you are unable to get out of a specific module or entry area.  

Go to the Citrix APPS page and click on the green WP Logoff button and then go to the gear in the upper right-hand corner and select Log Off.  This will completely log you out of the WolfePak Anywhere Citrix session.  You will have to log back into Citrix but when you go back into WolfePak, you should no longer have the access violation or a frozen screen.



4. No parent window error or the system seems to be hung.

First verify that another document/window is not open. Make sure display settings is at 100% (see above). Try using the WP Logoff button on the APPS tab and completely log out, close web browser and restart the application. If you are still having issues, contact Customer Success and we will have our IT group disconnect you from your session.  


5. When restoring a Backup getting "Error Restore Data: One or more files are still in use".

Please let your Customer Success Team know. Our IT Services will have to restore the backup for you.

6. How to create a shortcut to the desktop?

Drag and Drop the site information to the desktop.

7. Not able to Open Access Data query.

Open Excel from the WPA environment - not from the local Excel application on the workstation. When opening Excel withing PakEnergy Anywhere environment, use "Data From Other Sources" option.

8. Cannot email out of PakEnergy Anywhere

If using Outlook, make sure it is the 32-bit version. The 64-bit version of Outlook is not compatible at this time. However, this option will be available later this year.

9. How to get EDI/ACH Files

Go to Utilities - Folder/Transfer Compare. Verify the Local Folder first, then go to the EDI Files folder, find file, and copy or move to local. Clicking F1 on your keyboard while on the Folder/Transfer Compare screen will take you to the Help for more information on setup and use.