The username and initial password are found in the Welcome to Accounting Anywhere welcome email. This username is not your personal email address. Each Accounting Anywhere user is assigned their own icon.

  • WPA users can reset their passwords from the log in screen. Type in your username and click next. Click the option ‘Forgot my Password’. This process will utilize a mobile phone number setup initially for SSPR (self-service password reset). If the phone number doesn’t match, our support team can have the password and SSPR reset for you. You can only reset your password one time during a 24 hour period. If it needs to be reset, WolfePak IT support will have to manually reset it.
  • If the password has expired, the system will default to the black windows log in screen. Please use an incognito window (Chrome) or a new private window in Firefox to reset your password.
  • Password requirementsTo meet the security requirements of the server, the password needs to be at least eight characters in length and contain characters from three out of the following four categories:

    Uppercase characters (A through Z)

    Lowercase characters (a through z)

    Base 10 digits (0 through 9)

    Non-alphabetic characters (for example: !, $, #, %)







    Passphrases are sometimes easier to remember and meet the security requirements as well.


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