WolfePak Anywhere will require SMTP setting for emails.  TLS setting most likely will be TLS 1.2.  You will have to check the admin of the email whether it be Gmail, Outlook or Godaddy to find the host and port information.  Sometimes, you will need to re-enter the user’s password.  

Also client needs to make sure that the port is changed to 587 (instead of 25). User level security – other settings in the email section. IT might also help to reenter the password and change it to TLS.





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When emailing out revenue statements, depending on the email exchange that you are using, you might need to change the setting to 20 emails sent per minute.  Outlook is marking the email as spam if more than more than 20 emails per minute is sent out.  You will need to change the number in the red box below to 20.

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Contact Customer Success if you are needing a list of IP addresses to whitelist.