Invoice Tab

On the Home screen, please navigate to the “Invoices” option. This option opens another screen where you can find all the invoices you have submitted through the Pak Exchange Network. The options at the top of the screen are All, Sent, Received, Approved, Paid, Rejected, and Resubmitted. These options are helpful if you are searching for a specific invoice or want to check the payment status of your invoice in your customer's approval process.

  1. All – all invoices that have been submitted to all customers connected with your company on the Pak Exchange Network.
  2. Sent – any invoice still being sent to your customer in the Pak Exchange Network.
  3. Received – all invoices your customers received through the Pak Exchange Network.
  4. Approved – all invoices approved to pay.
  5. Paid – all invoices that your customer has paid.
  6. Rejected – any invoice your customer sent back to your company.
  7. Resubmitted – any invoice that was resubmitted back to your customer.

A detailed graph in the grid under the tabs describes different aspects of your invoice, such as Document Date, Org Unit, Invoice Number, Invoice Total, and Status. Using this graph can help you quickly find the information you are looking for regarding a specific invoice.



The list of terms below will help you understand the data needed to submit an invoice.

  1. Document Date – commonly known as the Invoice Date
  2. Metadata – the fields required to be filled out from your invoice.
  3. Purchaser Name – company to whom the invoice will be sent.
  4. Org Unit – divisions by satellite offices or branches, if applicable.
  5. Invoice Number – the number associated with the invoice generally provided by your company. If a number is not noted, please fill in an appropriate invoice number to proceed.
  6. Service Date – a date which best captures the date a service is/was completed or an order was placed.
  7. Invoice Total – the total amount to be charged to your customer.