A duplicate ticket is a feature that takes place on the Dispatch Board. The purpose is to make sure an original copy of the load is retained and a new "duplicate" copy created. Below is an example of what a Duplicate ticket looks like. 

Notice the color of the load is red and the double square boxes visible in the bottom right corner. The original load will not experience any change as it will look as it did prior to the duplicate being created.

If you open the ticket up on the Dispatch Board, you will notice another distinction that identifies itself from the original.

The Ticket # and BOL # both have the letter "D" at the front. The "D" stands for Duplicate.

The reason for this event taking place can vary. It is triggered by one of the following ways listed below.

  1. A dispatcher moves the load from the original driver to another driver on the Dispatch Board at the same time the original driver has poor cell service or no Internet connection available on his tablet, the Duplicate Ticket event will trigger. 

    The reason behind this is to act as insurance that the data from the original ticket is retained. The original driver in this scenario will not get a notification on their tablet that the load was moved off him by his dispatch (since the internet connection is not strong enough) and will assume to continue moving forward with the rest of his pickup and dropoff. The dispatch's intent on moving the load to another driver is to usually have the other driver they see closer to the Lease site or Oil Depot handle the rest of the load since it is a time saving business measure. In this scenario, the driver the load was moved to will have the duplicate load for him to complete and the original driver will still have the original ticket they are unaware they should no longer be working on.