Welltrax Scheduled Maintenance


Welltrax Customers -

Monday, 5/24/21, Welltrax will be undergoing a scheduled upgrade during the below window. This will be a portal and tablet update.

Access to the portal and tablets should not be interrupted with this update. For portal users, in the event that your portal access is disrupted, refreshing your portal screen should give you access back into Welltrax.

Tablet users (drivers), upon completion of the scheduled maintenance, and when they log in again, will be prompted to update to the new tablet version.

We will work to ensure that any downtime is kept to a minimum as we upgrade your Welltrax experience. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

Release notes for this update are communicated below.

Welltrax Support

05/24/2021   09:00 pm EST

05/24/2021   11:00 pm EST

Welltrax Support

Email: support@vertrax.com
Phone: 203-401-6000

  • We have added an integration with a new ELD provider, Samsaraincluding:
    • Driver Sync
    • Truck Sync
**Please contact Welltrax sales or support for more details or to get your integration setup!

  • Added audit trail to the Scenario Tab

  • Requested Pickup Date and Time and Requested Drop Off Date and Time are now in separate columns on the Invoice Tab.

  • Exports from Driver Tab now show phonebook contacts as well

  • Users are now able to determine if fields are read-only on 3 independent locations (Load Creation, Tablet, Ticket Data)

  • Driver Number, Account Number, and Ticket Confirmation # now available grid profile columns

  • New component added to calculations called "Fuel Surcharge $ Lookup"

  • Added Truck, Driver Terminal, Operator, and Driver Group as filters to the top of rate sheets

  • Continued system performance and stability enhancements
  • Rate sheet calculations can now be cross-applied and the calculation result used on other rate sheets.
  • Number of decimal places now holds on invoice and payroll exports to Excel
  • Much improved Ticket Import performance
  • Calculations now hold up to 100 rows for complex formulas
  • When building a new load, inactive sites are now hidden.
  • When exporting PDF tickets from Review, Invoice, and Payroll screens the export order now matches the sort displayed in the grid
  • If Tank height is 0 or null, the portal no longer validates the top gauge to require users to enter a value
  • Pickup Number is now an available field via API calls
  • Users can now create just one dynamic field when building tablet forms and use it across pickup and drop off forms rather than create unique fields for each
  • Speed improved when rerouting a load from the dispatch board
  • When importing tickets you can now import reject tickets with 0 BS&W

  • Driver added loads now update terminal filter when a driver’s terminal filter is changed on the portal
  • Rerouted loads now pull correct loaded miles down to tablet

  • Fixed a bug where users would change a driver status to OFF and would get caught in a loop
  • Resolved issue where some users were still able to edit location, driver, and ticket info even if set to READ ONLY
  • Fixed bug on dispatch board where drivers would sometimes not show up until users scrolled up or down.
  • Fixed bug where turning off the drop off info when downloading run tickets will now hide all drop off info including ticket data
  • Resolved issue when changing a decimal count on a dynamic field gives user a java error
  • Fixed bug that caused users to not be able to removed a reject ticket from an invoice if it was the last ticket added
  • Fixed a bug where when sorting by more than 2 columns, the display would not show 3rd, 4th, sort and so on