Finance Updates 

  • Rate Sheet – when an account is changed on a rate sheet, the scenarios associated to that new account will NOW update and be available in the Pickup - Drop Off – Scenario search for that rate sheet.  

  • Rate Sheet  improved search speed enhancements 

  • Rate Sheet (NEW)  We have added a Monthly EIA Fuel Price lookup option (current month or previous month) to the current Weekly Fuel Surcharge lookup option for a rate sheet.  

  • Customers will need to manually add the Monthly lookup option to any Rate Sheet that is using FSC, to begin using this new lookup 









Finance Updates (continued) 

  • When creating an Account Invoice #, Accounting Invoice #, or 3rd Party Settlement #s you can now use special characters such as numbers symbol - ## or “dashes –". 




  • Omitted tickets are now EXCLUDED (previously they were included for rating purposes onlyfrom being rated when rating tickets for invoicing or payroll settlements.  

  • We have improved our Fuel Service Charge feed to ensure updates to the FSC tables run consistently.  


Dispatch Board/Load Creation Updates 

  • Bug Fix - When mass updating OPEN/ASSIGNED Load, the loaded miles will now update correctly. 

  • Bug Fix - Dispatchers can now Cancel or Drop “ongoing load(s)” if driver has not arrived at pick up location. 

  • Dispatch Board > Open Loads > Advanced Filters now has Day or Night load creation designation  when filtering to Requested Pickup and Dropoff times. 







  • Dispatch Board > Open Loads New Grid Profile Options & Bug Fix:  

  • Bobtail Load and Dry Haul designations are now flagged correctly.  



Geotab Update (Geotab Users within Welltrax) 

  • Driver loads/shipments will now show up on Geotab tablet logs (the BOL#) within the Geotab app as well as continue to display on Geotab portal logs. 

  • To stay in compliance with FMCSA guidelines, driver loads will now Attach to the driver’s shipments within Geotab app and portal at the time of Pick Up departure instead of at the time the load is completed (Drop Off departure).  

  • Drivers loads/shipments will “Detach” from with the Geotab app at the time of Drop Off departure.  


Review Screen/Ticket Search 

  • We have improved the Run Ticket download speeds. 

  • When adding a ticket to a load from the portal you can now add an infinite number of tickets to that load. 

  • When searching for tickets that excludes Omitted tickets, search results will NOT exclude tickets Omitted at Drop Off. 



  • Username and database now display in bottom left corner of portal 

  • The Commodity the user is working with is now displayed in the upper left corner.  

  • API Notes character limits resolved (select customers only)