Release Notes January 2022 



  • Ability to Sort A to Z or Z to A options and inactivate options within drop down, radio button and checkbox options.  Sort order will be reflected on tablet and portal 

  • Graphical user interface, application, email 
Description automatically generated 

  • Added new geotab security clearances which was causing issues on edit + save on setup > driver tab 

  • For accounts and operators, uniqueness is now defined by account number and/or account number and operator name and/or number in case end users need to use duplicate account or operator name 


  • New default requested pickup date, assigned pickup date and requested drop off date feature will prepopulate 3 fields to reduce time to create loads.  This feature is available on load > manage load and dispatch board.  The last option a user selects will be cached in browser and used for all future loads.  Dates can still be adjusted manually if needed 

  • Graphical user interface, application 
Description automatically generated 

  • Service companies can now define which products and services they need their drivers to complete while on site.  Products and services at load creation will flow down to tablet and prepopulate the tablet/dependency form.  Drivers can add or edit products and services on tablet.  

  • Graphical user interface, text, application 
Description automatically generated 

  • When creating loads, first drop off name will NOT prepopulate any longer unless there is a default drop off location associated to the load 

Dispatch Board 

  • Optimized to reduce amount of memory being consumed by browser 

  • Background color can now be stored in new profiles in Working/Not Working Today Section 

Review Screen 

  • Resolved # of decimals being displayed issue when data is exported to excel 

  • Resolved issue where custom logos were not always printing properly on run tickets 

  • Added Commodity Name + Account Name + Operator Name to Pickup and Drop off Drop down menus on new profiles or default profiles 

  • Commodity Name, Drop Off Ticket # and Operator Name are new fields that can be added to a new grid profile 

  • New Wolfepak Service Export custom report can be added to review > custom report tab to make it easier for Service Modules customer to import ticket data 


  • New Truck/Trailer API is available 

  • New Commodity API is available 

  • New field APIs and interaction APIs are available 

  • Run Ticket URL has been added to ticket api 

  • Account partial API updates are now available 

  • Account District HOST ID can be sent and referenced in setup > account API 

  • USA will be defaulted if no country is provided for all setup API entities 




  • Improvements to load time, unload time and wait time so depart time – arrival time has no minute discrepancies due to seconds 

  • Map Overview issue has been fixed