Release 6.0.2


  • Auth0
    1. During the month of January and February, we will be migrating all companies over to use auth0.  Auth0 improves security of the platform.  Support team will be reaching out to companies individually to explain the migration plan and timing.  This build includes all the necessary enhancements for a company to migrate over to auth0.  Please reference the Auth0 emails support team sent out for details.            
  • User Tab
    1. We have added created by user, created by date/time, modified by user and modified date/time.
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  • Load Creation Profile
    1. Dispatcher comments have been added as a field which can be made visible/invisible on form
  • Contract
    1. A new driver rate sheet table has been added to the contract tab.  Users can manually add drivers from a drop down menu and input rates or user can import drivers and rates from an excel import.  The excel file format should be Driver ID, Driver First Name + ‘space’ + Last Name, Rate.  Column A or B and C are required.  There is a tool tip available to reiterate this information.  
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  • Invoice and Payroll
    1. A new last modified date/time has been added to default profile and any new profile created.  The last mod date/time will be updated any time a ticket is rated and will help users identify all the tickets which have been updated during a recalc
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Bug Fixes:

  • On load creation, when multiple users were creating loads at the same exact time, they would receive a red error and the load would not be saved.  Dispatchers should be able to create multiple loads at same time but if they do run into a timing issue, we are providing a more user-friendly error message to inform dispatcher to save load again
  • On load creation, if bobtail was added to load creation pickup form and large data set was enabled the bobtail field pulling from setup > pickup was not updating.  This has been resolved.
  • Setup > Pickup
    1. For a given pickup’s tanks, the max value for BPI per ¼ inch has been changed to 5.  
  • Load Creation
    1. If company is storing confirmation # at scenario level, when creating multiple loads it was not correctly populating this confirmation # for all of them.  This has been resolved.  
  • Load/Ticket Popup
    1. Made speed enhancements to open up the load/ticket drawer
  • Terminal at Load and Ticket 
    1. When multiple loads were being created and assigned to driver, the terminal being defined was not correct.  It was defining first terminal in drivers list vs terminal dispatcher was on when creating/assigning the load.
  • Dispatch Board – Driver Shift Table
    1. When users were modifying the driver login and logout times the driver shift table was not updating properly.  This issue has been resolved.
  • 3rd Party Dispatch
    1. Drop off tickets were not being sent back in some use cases.  This issue has been resolved
  • Schedule 
    1. In some uses cases users were receiving an error when saving schedules.  This issue has been resolved
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  • Review Screen
    1. When user clicks CLEAR and company was using large data set the pickups or drop offs which were filtered appeared to not be cleared but they were.  We have resolved this visual issue
    2. Display Count was not always reflecting correct count of all loads/tickets in query search.
  • Tablet
    1. If a driver’s start location is defined as subterminal, when the driver was completed with their shift it was not providing driver directions to their subterminal. This issue has been resolved.