Release Notes May 2024


Portal and Tablet

  • Add/Drop Trailer Logic
    1. Add/Drop Trailer logic has been added to streamline the ability for a driver to add/drop a trailer while working on a load.  
    2. On setup > def > commodity tab, users can enable this feature on the mobile device.  By default, this feature is off for all commodities.  
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  1. On the dispatch board, 6 new columns have been added to the profile.  Dropped Trailer #, Drop Trailer Location, Drop Date/Time and Drop Lat/Long.  
  2. Ongoing loads assigned to drivers can be dragged back to open load bank now and assigned to a driver at a future time. Any load which has ticket pickup info will highlight in yellow so dispatchers know it’s loaded. Users have the ability to view and edit load/ticket data for these type of loads

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  1. When a driver logs into mobile device, there is a new option to select bobtail below the trailer drop down menu. Drivers are required to either enter a trailer # they are hooked up to or can click bobtail if they are bobtailing to first location
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  2. Historically, drivers could not start a load if they did not have a trailer associated to them. We now allow drivers to start load with no trailer, but we have added validation on sign/print at pickup to require both trucks and trailer to be defined to sign and print a ticket.  
  3. Below features are only enabled if add/drop trailer logic is turned on at setup > def > commodity level
    • When a driver is on the load summary screen, trip summary when they start load, driving to pickup, at pickup, driving to drop off and at drop off a new button has been added to allow a driver to add/drop trailer
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    • When driver clicks add/drop trailer, they will first select which option they are choosing; 1) add trailer, 2) drop trailer, 3) add and drop trailer.
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    • Add Trailer
      • If driver is adding trailer, then they will be able to search for nearby trailers within a ~500 foot radius of their current location OR select from a list of trailer the driver has access to
      • Driver will then select from a list of trailers and when they save it will associate this trailer to their shift.  
      • When a driver adds a trailer, if there is a load with ticket pickup info for specific trailer, it will ask driver if they want to assign this load to them. If a driver confirms the add, then load will become the drivers next load they work on.
      • If driver has a trailer associated to them already it will not allow driver to add a trailer.
    • Drop Trailer
      • If a driver is dropping trailer, then they will input where they are dropping it, “Drop Trailer Location Name”. We will automatically capture which trailer is being dropped, the drop date/time and drop lat/long.
      • Drivers also can reassign the load to another driver. If a load is reassigned this load will automatically be moved to the other driver as their last load of shift.
      • If driver drops a trailer with NO ticket pickup info, the load will remain on the driver.
      • If a driver drops a trailer with ticket pickup info, the load will be dropped from the driver.  Driver will be warned about this and will need to confirm the drop.  
      • All dropped trailers with ticket pickup info will move back to the open load bank and highlighted in yellow for dispatch to reassign.
    • Add/Drop Trailer
      • Add/Drop Trailer option allows a driver to add and drop a trailer at the same time. All logic outlined in both sections above will apply







  • Review Screen > Ticket Reconciliation
    1. On the review screen, we have improved the ability for users to reconcile ticket data compared to media files captured by driver.
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    3. When a user double clicks on a load, it will pull up the load/ticket drawer.  First, PIN the load/ticket details drawer.  2nd, navigate to the media tab and PIN this tab. 3rd.   navigate to new SHIFT tab and pin this tab.  Users can also UNPIN the query parameters to give more screen real estate to 4 other windows.
    4. This chrome windows tab can be dragged across multiple monitors and width of each window/section can be resized.
    5. On the load/ticket grid, as a user clicks on various loads/tickets it will automatically update media tab, shift tab and ticket tab to reflect the selected ticket.
    6. On media tab, users will be able to view images without having to click on the eye icon or download the images.  Users can rotate images, left and right and zoom in and out.  
    7. On media tab, we have enhanced navigation with shortcut buttons to immediately move to a specific type of media file. Users can also PIN a media type so as they click through the loads, a PINNED media type will aways appear as the top image.
    8. On shift tab, users will be able to see the shift info associated to the driver who completed the load/ticket. If there was a different driver for pickup and drop off, you can select driver in drop down menu at top to switch to each driver.
  • Review Screen > Shift Tab
    1. Many trucking companies still require their drivers to fill out a shift recap. These shift recaps are eventually handed into back office. To streamline this process, we have enhanced the following feature.
    2. On the tablet submit shift screen, there is a new button to attach an image to the driver’s shift.  On setup > admin > company tab, there is a feature to “Require Submit Shift Photo” before they can logout.  
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    3. The shift tab has been added to the load/ticket drawer.  The shift tab will show any end of shift summary photos and the details of the drivers shift.  When they logged in, logged out, login odom, logout odom, truck, trailer.
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  • Setup > Truck/Trailer
    1. Added latitude and longitude fields to the truck and trailer tab. As we obtain new lat/longs from geotab, samsara or android tablet, we will automatically update to display latest lat/long for given asset.
  • Review > Ticket Import
    1. Drop off tank can now be a mapped field and be imported from the excel file.


  • When drivers are on the load summary screen, we have consolidated most buttons into a single OPTIONS button.  When the option button is clicked it will show the driver permissible actions they are allowed to do (i.e. add load, update shift/loads, reroute drop off, add supplemental). 
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  • Attach Photos/Files to a Load
    1. We have added the ability for drivers to attach files when they take a picture and video.  When driver clicks photo/video, a new option will be available to “Attach”
    2. If driver clicks attach, it will allow a driver to navigate to various folders on the mobile device and select the image or file they want to attach
    3. Some customers are using scanner apps because image quality is improved.  These companies will now be able to attach these images to the load/ticket and they will be visible on the media tab.



  • On Load Creation, when bobtail field was added to load creation pickup form this did not always populate correct stored value on setup > pickup. This has been resolved.
  • On load > manage schedule tabs, some users reported they were unable to click save.  This has been resolved.  
  • On setup > driver, truck or trailer tab, if a new driver/truck/trailer was added the compliance documents which should be associated to this user were not being added.  This has been resolved.
  • On finance > contract tab, if a driver type was selected it was not properly saving. This has been resolved.  
  • On Load tab, Improvements have been made to loading time and saving speed.
  • On Review > Driver added tank screen there was a reported issue if driver added multiple tanks and took photos, it used 1 photo for all of them. This has been resolved.
  • On tablet run tickets, if a NEW field is added to the CRUDE commodity it would NOT print on the run ticket. This has been resolved. If desire is to hide, then please select option DO NOT PRINT ON RUN TICKET at the setup > def > forms and fields level.
  • Water companies reported top gauge, top gauge KK, bottom gauge and bottom gauge KK would change when driver clicked sign and print in some use cases. This issue has been resolved. 
  • On dispatch > tracking, Truck and trailer current location and breadcrumbs trailers did not consistently display properly. This issue has been resolved.
  • On tablet, upload DB feature is fixed.
  • On primary scenario screen, when a user attempts to copy lat/long for pickup or drop off  and they have large data set feature enabled the user would receive a message lat/long is not available even though it was. This has been resolved.