Drivers may need to do a split pickup at a lease site, even if dispatch has not set up this load as split within the portal.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to the Home screen by pressing the House, then select Load

  2. You will choose the load you are currently working on. Confirm that you have arrived at the lease site.
  3. Fill out the varies information on the pickup form and click on Split Pickup.

  4. You will need to fill out another pickup form for the second tank you are picking from. Note: make sure that there is more than one tank available, otherwise you will not be able to perform this. Also verify the second form says 2/2, indicating this is the second form for the second tank. Under tanks, if there is only one tank or the tank you want load form is not listed, please call dispatch.

  5. Select Print, then Depart Lease Site.