This article will fix the issue of only one column showing up on the Pick Up screen for crude commodity loads. At this time, this fix will only work on tablets with Android version 8.0 or higher.

  1. If you encounter a Pick Up screen that looks like the below picture with the right side form blank, complete the following steps.

  2. Select the Superman icon at the top right of screen.

  3. On the Superman screen, press the Update Layouts button. After pressing it, a message at the bottom should briefly pop up saying "Successfully updated site layouts".

  4. Select the house icon at the top right side.

  5. Select the red Log Out button at the bottom right and then press Logout.

  6. Log back in and press the Load icon.

  7. Press the Resume Load button at the bottom right to go back to the pickup you were already working on.

  8. The pickup form should be fixed and both columns should have data you can fill in with information.